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Excellence Centre hosts 70-plus Archers for Hyundai Summer Challenge

The Hyundai Summer Challenge was held at the World Archery Excellence Centre on 7 August 2022.

The single day of competition, consisting of a 72-arrow qualifying round, started chilly but the field soon warmed up with the energy of the participants and emerging Swiss sun.

A total of 76 archers from 10 countries took part. As well as local archers and visitors from across Switzerland, international athletes from Saudi Arabia, India, Ukraine, Estonia, France, Slovakia, Italy and Germany gave the tournament a global flavour.

“It was really good to compete with the international archers in the similar age group.” said Harsh Parashar from the Indian national team. “Shooting in the beautiful nature with cheerful ambient music helped me enjoy the competition more.”

The senior events were won by Josef Scarboro, Sona Varsha, Roman Hafelfinger, Alexandra Schmid, Claude Dupasquier and Renate Bornheim.

Renate Bornheim from Compagnie des Archers de Gland scored 586 points set a new personal best and beat the Swiss national record for barebow women.

“I had a great Sunday at my favourite archery place,” said Renate. “The break I had during my lovely summer vacation really did its job. I enjoyed every minute!”


[ Recurve ]

– Recurve men: Josef Scarboro – 631 – Recurve men (50-plus): Alex Winterleitner – 562 – Recurve men (under-21): Keziah Chabin – 630 – Recurve men (under-18): Tiwari Ashish – 622

– Recurve women: Sona Varsha – 594 – Recurve women (50-plus): Nathalie Desponds Junier – 490 – Recurve women (under-21): Tashu Tashu – 570 – Recurve women (under-18): Mahato Basanti – 612

– Recurve (under-15): David Jarisch – 585 – Recurve (under–13): Alexandra Rossier - 639

[ Compound ]

– Compound men: Roman Hafelfinger – 692 – Compound men (50-plus): Michel Anfossi – 634 – Compound men (under-21): Kunderu Venkatadri - 692 – Compound women: Alexandra Schmid – 635 – Compound women (50-plus): Sandra Rittiner – 591 – Compound women (under-18): Taniparthi Chikitha – 666 – Compound (under-15):Clemens Bornheim – 607

[ Barebow ]

– Barebow men: Claude Dupasquier – 582 – Barebow men (50-plus): Christian Kauer – 573 – Barebow women: Renate Bornheim – 586


The next event scheduled to take place at the World Archery Excellence Centre is the Hyundai Autumn Challenge, an indoor archery competition, on 26 November 2022.

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