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Indian Team Training Camp Concludes at Excellence Centre

More than 20 athletes and coaches from India finished a focused one-week training camp in Lausanne. Twelve recurve archers, six compound archers and five coaches immersed themselves in an all-compassing practice and competition programme at the World Archery Excellence Centre, uplifting their ability while enjoying the refreshing setting.

“It’s really nice to train breathing fresh air and surrounded by the beautiful nature of Switzerland. Actually it’s hard to train in India now because it rains hard and the temperature goes very high over 40 degrees as the monsoon season has started,” said Harsh Parashar, a youth compound archer. “I would like to thank the Indian government and the Indian archery federation for sending us here to experience the best training camp,” added teammate Yasghraj Dubey.

The team joined the mental training programme run by renowned coach Sally Park, who is currently in residency in Lausanne. “We could learn how to concentrate and handle the situation when the result doesn’t go as I want. I think this would work in every single part of our life no matter what we do. I really liked it,” said Yasghraj. “Our goal is to compete and win medals in World Cups, championships, and even Olympics in the future.”


Short- and long-term camps are available all-year-round as part of our training offers for national teams and private archery groups. For more information and questions, contact

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