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National Team of Saudi Arabia Starts an Intensive Training Programme in the Excellence Centre

Six archers and accompanying support staff from the national team of Saudi Arabia have started a 3-week intensive training camp at the World Archery Excellence Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The goal is to improve their competitive level, working primarily on technique, ahead of the upcoming Islamic Solidarity Games in Turkey.

“The World Archery Excellence Centre is one of the best archery centres in the world. Everything we need for the training is available here and we can concentrate only on training, not be distracted by anything else,” said Turki Alderbi, the vice president of the Saudi Arabia Archery Federation.

“Back in Saudi Arabia, they could train only two to three hours per day but now they can shoot until they feel exhausted.”

The team is spending much of its time on the centre’s indoor and outdoor 70-metre ranges.

“Although we needed to come all the way here leaving our family for a while, the archers are very happy to train as much as they want,” added Turki.

Focused sessions in the on-site gym ensure that archers can improve key physical weaknesses, under the supervision of coach Mohamed Abbas.

The team will also participate in the Hyundai Summer Challenge this weekend. The 70-metre tournament is open entry for recurve, compound and barebow archers across all age groups and runs on 7 August 2022.


Training camps for national teams, clubs and other groups are available on demand at the World Archery Excellence Centre.

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